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"Magnetoelectronics & Nanophysics"

        REC Magnetoelectronics & Nanophysics operates on the base on the Laboratory of Magnetic Phenomena in Microelectronics  in Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS (Moscow) in the close and fruitful cooperation with the Shared Equipment Center "Materials Sciense and Metallurgy" in NUST MISIS and the Laboratory of phase transitions physics and thermal deformation phenomena in the rapidly quenched alloys with shape memory effectof the Department "Physics of Solid State and Nanosystems" in NRNU MEPhI.

        As part of the REC formed 4 groups of researchers, who have separate areas of fundamental and applied research in the field of magnetic phenomena and nanoscale physics. Head of the My company: Dr. of Sci., Prof. Vladimir G. Shavrov.

        REC was created for the purpose of effective use of the intellectual potential of employees, interdisciplinary studies, research projects both fundamental and applied research, providing training of qualified specialists and highly qualified scientific personnel, to carry out projects in priority areas of science and technology of the Russian Federation.        


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