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Topic 2.1. "Functional materials with magnetic shape memory and giant magnetocaloric effect"



  The main results obtained in this direction in 2016-2018:             


        1.  The shape memory effect in two ferromagnetic Heusler alloys Ni54Mn21Ga25 and Ni50Mn41.2In8.8 was investigated in high magnetic field. The special setup with the plate-like sample was placed in the field of Bitter coil. The bending deformation versus temperature was measured at various magnetic fields up to 10 T and at various mechanical stresses up to 45 MPa. The martensite phase transition shifts were 0.55 K/T and -0.95 K/T for Ni54Mn21Ga25 and Ni50Mn41.2In8.8, respectively. The dependences of the bending deformation on the magnetic field up to 14 T were also obtained at constant temperatures close to the martensitic phase transition of those alloys.