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Group №2: "The new solid-state functional materials"


                     Group Leader: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov


 Коледов Виктор ВикторовичКоледов Виктор Викторович

                   Group No. 2 mainly conducts experimental studies, both fundamental and applied, on the creation of new solid-state functional materials, the study of their structures and physical properties, especially near magnetic and structural phase transitions, and also research of their functional capabilities in creating a new elemental bases of electronics and microsystem technology, solving problems of alternative energy and medicine. Studies in close multi-year agreement with domestic and foreign partners: Chelyabinsk State University, IFM UB RAS, IPSM UB RAS, IF DSC RAS, NIAS MEPI, NITU MISIS, MSU, and other domestic and foreign research centers. Work with domestic partners in the framework of RFBR and RNF grants, as well as with foreign projects within the framework of international projects of the RFBR, the Presidium of the RAS and the 7th Framework Program of the European Union.


                Signed and registration of cooperation agreements between Kotelnikov IRE RAS and the Institute of New Materials for Magnetism and Microelectronics, Central Research Institute of Italy, Parma, Faculty of Physics, University of Oviedo, Spain; Institute of Materials Science of the Academy of Sciences of Vietnam; Institute of Rare Earth Materials, Baotou, China; University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, USA; Laboratory strong magnetic deposits and temperature regions of PAN, Wroclaw, Poland.


                        Applied and innovative developments with industrial partners: JSC "MATEX"; LLC "Innovative Dental Center" NANODENT "; Center of Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of Mordovia, Saransk. The results of the work of the Group No. 2 for 2012 - 2016 are issued in 3 patents of the Russian Federation, 50 articles in refereed journals; made more than 50 reports at various international conferences. Research Group 2 is conducted, mainly, on three bases directions (topics):



                  2.1. "Functional materials with magnetic shape memory and a giant magnetocaloric effect"

                                     Gen. performers: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov, PhD A.P. Kamantsev.



                2.2. "Nanostructured functional materials with shape memory effect for medicine"

                                      Gen. performers: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov,  V.S. Kalashnikov.



                2.3. "Functional materials with shape memory for micro and nanosistemnoy technology"

                                      Gen. performers: PhD A.V. Irzhak, Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov.