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    Research Directions


    SEC "Magnetoelectronics & Nanophysics", created on the basis of the lab. № 192 in Kotelnikov IRE RAS, contains of 4 research groups that are under one common laboratory subjects have separate areas of basic and applied research in the field of magnetic phenomena in microelectronics and nanophysics. Also development activities  conducted at 4 perspective directionsin the SEC.


Group №1:. «Research of wave processes in magnetic media and structures"

Group Leader: Prof. V.G. Shavrov.

                1.1. "Hypersonic wave processes in magnetic media and structures"

                                  Performers: prof. V.G. Shavrov, PhD V.I. Scheglov.

                1.2. "The spin-wave electrodynamics and acoustics layered antiferromagnetic structures, controlled by an external magnetic and electric field"

                                  Performers: prof. V.G. Shavrov, prof. S.V. Tarasenko.

                1.3. "Metamaterials, multiferroics and graphene"

                                 Performers: prof. V.G. Shavrov, prof.  I.V. Bychkov.



Group №2: «The new solid-state functional materials"

Group Leader: Dr. of Sci. V.V.Koledov.

                2.1. "Functional materials with magnetic shape memory and giant magnetocaloric effect"

                                    Performers: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov, PhD A.P. Kamantsev.

                2.2. "Nanostructured functional materials with shape memory effect for medicine"

                                     Performers: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov,  V.S. Kalashnikov.

                2.3. "Functional materials with shape memory for micro and nanosistemnoy technology"

                                     Performers: PhD A.V. Irzhak, Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov.




Group № 3. "Magnetic sensing"

Group Leader:  PhD P.M. Vetoshko.



 Development activities


- Dentalnye Implants with shape memory

- Fiber-optic temperature sensor with fast response

- Magnetocaloric cooling machine

- New magnetic transport technology